How to get a Clean, Healthy Sleep in the New Year

How to get a Clean, Healthy Sleep in the New Year

As we roll into 2019, millions of Americans are sketching out New Year’s resolutions—promising to get more organized, or to do more traveling, or to tuck more money away for the future. Almost a full quarter of Americans will have self-care, including getting more sleep, on their list of resolutions. If you suffer from sleep

Dry Cough Remedies That You Can Make at Home

Dry Cough Remedies That You Can Make at Home

Cold weather can cause coughing and lead to dry, unproductive coughing fits. When store-bought remedies are ineffective, or not your first choice for cough relief, home remedies that present a more natural approach to dry cough care may be the answer. If you’re looking for alternative dry cough remedies, consider trying one of the following:

Stay Healthy with SoClean

Happy New Year from Triton Medical Retail!  Speaking of new, have you heard about our store’s newest product?  SoClean….the automated CPAP sanitizer!  This amazing device naturally cleans and sanitizes CPAP equipment without chemicals. 99.9% of bacteria and germs are eliminated.  There is no need to disassemble either!  If you find you have been getting sick

Tired of being tired?

There is just something about a good night’s sleep that makes us feel energized and ready to tackle whatever the day has in store.  Unfortunately, many of us just don’t get that comfortable, “sleep soundly” position in a traditional bed.  Golden Technologies has created the miracle solution.  Folks are referring to it as the ultimate

Have you seen the Go Chair??

We’ve been so busy these first weeks of 2017 we haven’t had a chance to share with you our latest best seller. The Pride Mobility Go Chairs leave our store as quickly as we get them in! Our customers are telling us they love the ease of travel with this power chair’s feather-touch disassembly and

Loyal Customers…..CA$H in

    We hope everyone is having a great summer and finding cool ways to beat this Florida heat.  Our loyal customers are keeping us very busy at our store, Triton Medical Retail in The Villages; so, we decided it was time to implement a Customer Rewards program to thank you for your loyalty!   For every

Seniors and Safety

Summer is a few days away and June is National Safety month. Did you know that most falls occur at home?  The following products are items that can be used at home to help keep a loved one safe while living independently: raised toilet seat grab bars in the bathroom bath/shower bench adjustable beds over