Don’t Miss Out on Holiday Fun Because you use an Oxygen Concentrator

Portable oxygen provides freedom and mobility. Don’t miss any events with family and friends this holiday season!

Don’t miss any events with family and friends this holiday season due to the need to be close to your oxygen!

A portable oxygen concentrator is a medical device that helps deliver oxygen therapy to people who have low levels of oxygen in their blood. Portable oxygen concentrators are smaller in size compared to home oxygen concentrator units and allow you to be more mobile. 

Wondering What A Portable Oxygen Concentrator Can Do?

An oxygen concentrator provides oxygen therapy on the go.  Here’s how:

  1. A unit takes in surrounding air and purifies it
  2. Oxygen is compressed
  3. Nitrogen is removed from the air. Before air goes into the concentrator, it contains 80 percent nitrogen and only 20 percent oxygen
  4. The portable oxygen concentrator converts the air to 90-95% pure oxygen and 5-10% nitrogen
  5. Nitrogen is then separated to ensure you get the highest dose of oxygen possible

Portable Concentrators allow you to be active and involved in more activities because they are……


Most portable oxygen concentrators weigh less than 5 pounds, making them easy to carry. Most fit easily and discreetly into a shoulder bag.

Easy for Traveling

Smaller, lighter portable oxygen concentrators pack comfortably into any suitcase. Most units are FAA approved, so they can be used on domestic and international flights. 

Provide a High Oxygen Output

Both pulse dose and continuous dose options are available in portable oxygen concentrators. The high oxygen output makes them just as effective as home units!

Can have an extended battery life

When no power source is available away from home, portable concentrators can run on batteries. Many units offer up to 5 hours of power on a single charge. Extended battery packs offer even more power duration, often up to 9 hours of operation. 

Operate quietly

Most portable oxygen concentrators are designed to perform quietly to allow use on airplanes, in public, and even on long road trips without disturbing others. 


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