How to get a Clean, Healthy Sleep in the New Year

How to get a Clean, Healthy Sleep in the New Year

As we roll into 2019, millions of Americans are sketching out New Year’s resolutions—promising to get more organized, or to do more traveling, or to tuck more money away for the future. Almost a full quarter of Americans will have self-care, including getting more sleep, on their list of resolutions. If you suffer from sleep

Stay Healthy with SoClean

Happy New Year from Triton Medical Retail!  Speaking of new, have you heard about our store’s newest product?  SoClean….the automated CPAP sanitizer!  This amazing device naturally cleans and sanitizes CPAP equipment without chemicals. 99.9% of bacteria and germs are eliminated.  There is no need to disassemble either!  If you find you have been getting sick

Trouble sleeping? Get more Florida sunshine

It’s the time of year everyone loves in Florida…Spring. Beautiful weather and plenty of activities have us heading outdoors.  Most of us are well aware of the dangers of too much sun exposure but did you of know there are many health benefits of sunlight? When outdoors, always protect your skin and keep these benefits