Stay Safe at Home with Fall Prevention Products

Stay Safe at Home with Fall Prevention Products such as Shower Chairs There’s no place like home…… For most of us, our goal is to age in place at home. Unfortunately, that is where most falls occur. As we age, health issues that affect our balance, coordination and vision make falls more likely.

Fortunately, there are many products that are relatively inexpensive to invest in, that assist in providing safety at home and assist in preventing falls.

Most falls occur in the bathroom. Many senior adults have difficulty sitting or standing. Toilet safety frames and raised toilet seats instantly make existing toilets easier to use.

Shower chairs assist those who have difficulty with balance or standing for longer periods of time. Rubber tips prevent the chair from slipping and make bathing much safer.

Installing grab bars is a great way to provide stability for seniors in the bathroom. Many people tend to use existing towel bars as weight support. This is very dangerous as towel bars are not intended to support human weight and can easily snap resulting in a fall. Grab bars are one of the most effective ways to make a bathroom safer.

Moving rugs and other trip hazards is a must.

Using a walker or cane for added stability is a safe way to maneuver at home when these trip hazards have been removed. A reclining lift chair is also a helpful product for those who have difficulty sitting down and standing up.

Home modifications by a licensed contractor can also allow senior adults the freedom to stay in their homes. Making doorways wider, counter tops lower and installing ramps will allow many folks to safely remain at home.

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There truly is no place like home!