Ready to scoot this Spring? Choosing the right power mobility scooter

Mobility ScooterSunny, spring days are just around the corner here in Florida.  In a short time we will “spring” our clocks ahead. That means extra daylight hours to enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine. If mobility limitations are keeping you from doing what you love, it’s time to consider a mobility scooter.

Keep in mind the following points when making your decision:

Can I physically operate a scooter?

If you have the ability to sit upright for long periods of time and have the strength in your hands to steer and operate the controls, then you likely are a candidate for a power mobility scooter. If you are limited in your hand movements, a scooter may not be for you. Power wheelchairs are available for those who have more physical limitations.

What size scooter do I need?

Power scooters have size and weight capacity requirements.  Make sure you make your decision based on your height and weight.  Plenty of leg room is important if you are tall.  Also consider the weight of things like oxygen tanks, shopping bags, etc. that you may be carrying with you. If you overload your scooter and exceed the weight capacity you risk voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

Where do I want to ride my scooter?

Different power mobility scooters are available for various uses. Some are compact and designed to come apart easily for traveling. 3 wheel travel scooters are the lightest and most compact. 4 wheel travel scooters are a little heavier but can be more stable on uneven terrain.  Heavy Duty and All Terrain scooters are designed for use outdoors on all types of terrain. They are more stable, have a heavier weight capacity and a longer battery life.

Where will I transport my scooter?

Travel scooters can be disassembled and transported in a vehicle. Heavy duty scooters cannot be disassembled and require a lift be installed on a vehicle to transport from place to place.  If you are traveling alone, keep in mind your ability to lift and move the scooter.

How much does a scooter cost?

Compact travel scooters are the least expensive while All Terrain and Heavy Duty scooters are more expensive.  Determining your need and when you will use will help you budget for the proper scooter.

Don’t miss out on outdoor activities in sunny Florida this Spring. Stop by our store in Lady Lake, Florida near The Villages for a test ride. Our knowledgeable staff can answer questions and assist you.  A power mobility scooter may be just what you need to get you back to doing what you love!