Walkers with Comfort and Style


Walkers are needed by many folks for various reasons. A basic folding aluminum walker is fine for those who need it for a short time while recovering from a surgical procedure such as a knee replacement or even for someone who has a sprained ankle. But for those who will need mobility assistance for the long haul (for the duration of life) a walker with a padded seat and hand brakes would be more beneficial and comfortable. Customizing it by selecting a color and a basket for carrying personal items or for use while shopping make the walker less of a reminder of one’s limitations and more of a welcomed aid to allow freedom to continue enjoying daily activities. Cane holders, cup holders and other accessories provide convenience of keeping things handy. Finally, small adjustments to height can make big differences. The retirement communities here in Florida provide hundreds of activities to enjoy. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Stop by our store in The Villages, Florida and take a test stroll. One of our experienced staff members can assist you with finding the perfect walker for your needs and you can get back to doing what you love!